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Since 2000, NY-D.C.-Chicago-Austin transplant, Architektur has played Downbeat and Dub in cities from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Vienna, Austria. Now residing in Raleigh, Architektur released his debut album, Travelogue, on Burning Bowl Records. The Wire Magazine described "Travelogue" as 'Meat Beat Manifesto meets Shorty Rogers' and Austinist proclaimed the album as the soundtrack to the Mothership: "Stroll down the promenade and gaze out into the depths of space as the eerie 1920s big band drowns in molten reverb before the leering percussion tears you away". He has also composed award winning scores, including a Telly Award for the documentary "Lady Titans: A Title IX Victory". Architektur founded the music portal Lounge Productions and produces & hosts the "Downtempo" radio station Passport (a Live365 Featured Station in 2009 & 2010). Passport Radio has featured Architektur's exclusive interviews with members of Gotan Project, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister's G-Stone, the Supreme Beings Of Leisure & Bitter:Sweet (Quango), Bastard Jazz and General Electrics (Compost), among others. The album "Musik For Film" was compiled by Architektur for Burning Bowl Records and was ranked among the best Downbeat & Dub albums of 2008, receiving airplay on nearly 100 radio stations worldwide including: BBC, FM4 Vienna, KCRW, KPFA & KEXP. "Big up to Architektur, the man behind the great 'Musik for Film' compilation on Burning Bowl Records. This cd is a must-have for every downbeat/chilled dub fan...great stuff!!" (FM Brussels).

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Austin's Jon Coats and Randall Peterson formed Canartic with bass player Gerard Smith in 2002, while collaborating at Peterson's Javahut Studio. Canartic utilize dub and downtempo styles as guides to collage electronic shapes around simple grooves. The chilled results are then injected with a dose of psychedelia, courtesy of heavily processed guitar. Finally, samples round out the mix, providing listeners with hints to the ideas behind the music. Live, Canartic perform as a duo, with Coats dub mixing in real time from hard disk, and Peterson adding treatments and his processed guitar. Canartic's, "Bouncing Radar Beams Off The Moon" was released on the collective's own Dank Disk label and received rave reviews. Sea Of Tranquility described the Canartic release as "plenty of slow, psychedelic jams that call to mind The Orb on bovine testosterone, Bill Laswell on downs and turntable guitarist Andre LaFosse taking it real chill". The duo may mix their tracks for headphone use, but live you'll see the speaker cones move. Canartic are dedicated to spreading their "slow motion sound." Canartic's third album "Modulotion" is out now!

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For over 15 years, Rick Torres has been at the forefront of "Downbeat" music, co-founding the acclaimed bands, The Supreme Beings Of Leisure (Palm Pictures), Lazy (Burning Bowl) and also producing on the debut Bitter:Sweet album, "The Mating Game" (Quango). The All Music Guide describes his band, Lazy, as a "blend of modern Electronica with retro pop sounds, throw in some exotic touches and a filigree of turntablism", and their distinct sound has been featured in various films and television. Rick, who also plays lead guitar for the The English Beat, now fronts his new Electronic/Pop group The Smart Set. Rick Torres has also performed live alongside The Crystal Method & Roni Size, as well as, headlined the opening of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Rick remixed for Marilyn Manson, L7 & Hole, among others. Rick is currently working on his latest project, The Smart Set, at his E-Records Studio in Los Angeles (check out his recent track "Love Never Dies" featured in the new Karma Hybrid car commercial by Fisker)



John Lohse AKA John Gomi - DJ, Musician, Artist, Designer & Gomi Boutique owner, celebrates over 15 years of performing & producing electronic music. Traveling the world, John is still constantly "searching for the perfect beat." He is presently focused on hard electronic & indie-dance, as well as, the more 'pulsing, deep, & minimal excursions, such as vocal New York & throbing Berlin...all with that French-touch' and the backdrop of the designers and artists who have been inspired by these sounds. Since the 90's, John Gomi has maintained a residence in Austin, TX (with a brief stint in New Orleans) and has been a part of just about every incarnation of the Austin electronic music scene. Gomi founded Monk The Ensemble, Austin's first band to feature a DJ along side live musicians, the group featured Rudy Eccles on Bass and Rev. Pain Hernandez on Saxophone. John Gomi has also played along side groups as diverse as the Japanese noise band, Space Kings of Carnival (Japan) and Andy Hughes of the legendary Orb. Gomi's latest outfit is "a live electro-rock dance-improv project" called City Of Hungry Ghosts and he recently founded the Austin record label, Gomi Heart Electric, which specializes in "electro house, techno, pop, crunk punk and 3AM dance parties". Marc Savlov of The Austin Chronicle states, "John Gomi's been an integral part of Austin's DJ community since day one."



Modernist Movement was co-founded by Architektur and John Gomi in early 2005. The NuJazz outfit introduced a new direction in Jazz, Soul & Funk. Modernist Movement's live performances included various World, Jazz & Downbeat musicians and featured Austin's Rev. Pain Hernandez on Saxophone.